Ryan Newson

Ryan Newson


Here are a few selections of the renderings I’ve created for employers and clients. I’ve worked both in-house and freelance to illustrate and build 3D models for presentations and concept development, for my own ideas as well as others’. The first half of the images below are hand drawn, then scanned and ‘painted’ with a Wacom tablet in Photoshop.

For this project I actually generated all of the art used in it—a first for the firm I was working for. The project was for a Nestle Waters Halloween display.

These images of the Taco Bell menu board are created in Hypershot from the Solidworks engineering model I had built. The images allowed the client a very specific and professional read of the unit before we completed the engineering.

Sketchup has been a great tool for rapid visualization of products. Much of the time, ‘renderings’ signal to the client that the design phase is over, when in reality there is still so much refinement left to do. The aesthetic of the program keeps that dialogue open while creating specific imagery.

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