Ryan Newson

Ryan Newson

Taco Bell Menu Boards

The Taco Bell Menu Board project was one of the more ambitious projects Bridge Metals had ever taken on. It required all departments to work closely together in an extremely cramped timeframe, on a product with more complexities than usual. There were numerous revisions over the initial process, which required coordination between separate production departments and other staff. I drew up the first in-house Solidworks prints that the company had ever used. Over many weeks, the metal, paint, electrical and admin staff used the prints as reference tools that aided in the short deadline that accompanied this project.

The LEDs were a particular challenge. They needed to light a transparency that was color-adjusted for the existing fluorescent lighting, so the LEDs had to match fluorescent light output in brightness, beam spread, color and replace-ability.

The plastic components were not yet finalized. Prototyping these elements was one of my responsibilities. I was also in charge of fine-tuning the engineering, creating the Solidworks models, and drafting the mechanical prints.

I also created a number of renderings from the Solidworks model that were used in the client meetings leading up to the in-store testing

The plastic components were not yet finalized at this point, so prototyping the first 14 sets of the menu boards was one of my responsibilities, as well as fine-tuning the engineering, the Solidworks models and mechanical prints.

One of the first permanent installations in-store.

  • Role Designer, Mechanical Designer, Prototyper, Production Assistant

  • For Taco Bell

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