Ryan Newson

Ryan Newson

Fashioning Cascadia

The Museum of Contemporary Craft (MOCC) asked me to help design and produce some additional fixtures for their show Fashioning Cascadia. Sarah Margolis-Pineo curated a cross-section of Pacific Northwest fashion designers and makers, including Adam Arnold, Anna Cohen, Liza Rietz, Emily Spivak, and more. MOCC approached me to design dress forms and a wall-hanging concept for the various garments on display. The system had to match the museum’s existing aesthetic, and be secure to prevent any theft. I worked with Sarah, as well as the Assistant Director of the museum, throughout the entire design process, fabrication and installation of the work.

After Fashioning Cascadia, Liza Rietz went on to co-open a store on E Burnside called SIX/SEVEN. She purchased some of the dress forms I created for this retail space.

MOCC also hosted Otto von Busch’s Fashion Safehouse, a pop-up artist residency program built within the museum. It featured von Busch himself leading a workshop that spanned multiple days, followed by residencies with Adrienne Antonson, Drew Cameron, Cassie Ridgway, and Stephanie Syjuco. I was called in to assist with the construction of the safehouse. This image was the closest thing we had to a blueprint, and the project was to be completed by the students in the first workshop—who were there to study fashion theory. The Museum Director and I collaborated on ideas, and made a list of materials from the sketch. Then I assisted von Busch with guiding the students through the technical assembly of the building. In the end, the structure wasn’t a very complicated thing to make, but a challenge to keep the construction safe, light and fun.

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