Ryan Newson

Ryan Newson

Press Kit, Fall 2014 – Storm kit

I was approached by Workbench Creative to ideate and illustrate a Nike Running project. Nike approached Workbench directly to design and produce an influencer seeding packaging concept for the Holiday 2014 line of Running and Training gear. The kit needed to clearly extend the message of “Against All Elements” for Nike’s Holiday seeding goals. With a small team of two producers, a graphic designer and myself, we had to work quickly and efficiently to convey a wide range of ideas on a short deadline.

The first round had a strict budget and initially focused on the materials of the Nike apparel, but during the first client presentation an idea came up for creating a kit that the runner could use to brave a storm. A quick hand sketch I created on the spot sealed the concept and we moved foreword.

Initially I was slated to illustrate, but as the project developed, the need for an engineer emerged. Nike had increased the budget and doubled the quantity. The same kit had to contain 50 different sets of apparel—ranging from a women’s size 8 shoe to a men’s size 13. Nimbly switching gears from illustrating to engineering, I created three different kits to accommodate these variations, and saved several weeks of prototyping by keeping the engineering in-house.

  • Role Designer, Illustrator, Engineer

  • For Workbench Creative / Nike

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